• Heavily corroded sheet piled quay wall of US Corps of Engineers restored by Acotec

  • 6000ft of bulkhead protected of Duluth Port Authority, USA with Humidur

  • Tubular piles corrosion protection in South-Korea with DZI Cofferdams and Humidur

  • Offshore platform: Humidur protects crane booms and splash and tidal zone area

  • Lock door infrastructure protection with Humidur


Acotec is a worldwide provider of anti-corrosion solutions starting from inspection of the corrosion mechanisms and the corroded steel, followed by methods for cleaning and repairing corrosion damage, to the final Humidur® corrosion protection. Acotec is the developer, sole manufacturer and applicator of these Humidur®-coatings and their customized application tools such as limpet cofferdams, pipe robots, automated spray equipment, etc...

Humidur protects the North-South Subway of Amsterdam

Humidur was selected to protect the steel pipework and reinforcement beams for the biggest construction project in Amsterdam for years: the North-South Subway - Stations Rokin, Ceintuurbaan and Vijzelgracht.


Technical documents, data sheets, specification sheets and much more information are all available on www.humidur.be.

Member of:

American Association of Port Authorities The European Small Hydropower Association The International Association of Ports and Harbors National Association of Corrosion Engineers  The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure The Society For Protective Coatings British Hydropower Association

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