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Acotec protects steel sheet piling in dewatering shaft

The challenges of this job are the site conditions. The Humidur coat had to be applied down to 5 meters under the capping beam in tunnels with restricted access and work area. The tunnel is 15 meters wide and has 3 meters clearance, which is very limited to access with a floating barge. The use of a crane is not possible in this 900 meter long tunnel. A special designed barge and cofferdam was needed.

Another challenge is the use of the tunnels for discharging rainwater coming from France. Two times everyday, the discharge takes place, which means a full evacuation of the men and the equipment, as the tunnels are flushed completely. This job is in tidal activities.

Client: Waterwegen en Zeekanaal, Belgium

Location: Kokers, Zeebrugge, Belgium

Acotec protects steel sheet piling in dewatering shaft


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