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Fluxys appointed Acotec to protect their tubular piles from corrosion at the LNG terminal.

The Zeebrugge LNG terminal is an important gateway to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Northwestern Europe. Therefore it was obvious to lean on Acotecs 30 years of experience in protecting petrochemical structures from corrosion.

Thanks to Acotecs Tubular Cofferdam, piles can be set dry and are immediately accessible within seconds.  After dewatering, the biofilm and vegetation can be cleaned with high pressure water blasting. In cases where the marine growth is too strong, power tools are used. After cleaning, the corroded holes in the sheetpiles are closed by weld repairs. After sandblast and the proper surface preparation according to ISO12944 one-layer solvent-free modified epoxy coating, Humidur, is applied. Thanks to its capability of curing under water and at freezing temperatures, the structure may be submerged instantly after coating application.

This completely environmentally safe and accepted system is able to contain all pollution coming from the repair process: marine growth, grit from gritblasting, overspray, dust, etc…


Technical documents, data sheets, specification sheets and much more information are all available on

Member of:

Chinese Classification Society American Bureau of Shipping American Association of Port Authorities The European Small Hydropower Association The International Association of Ports and Harbors National Association of Corrosion Engineers  The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure The Society For Protective Coatings British Hydropower Association

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