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Humidur®: user friendly coating system

Humidur® is a single layer system and can be applied straight to bare steel without the use of a primer. Optimal surface prep (Sa 2 1/2) and minimal surface prep (St 2-3) are allowed.  Humidur® can be applied by airless spray, brush, roller or caulking variant and can be applied in an environment with relative humidity up to 95%. 

If requested, several layers can be applied wet-on-wet without waiting time, as no individual layer needs separate curing because of the absence of solvents (WFT = DFT).  Furthermore, Humidur® has the ability of curing under water and at freezing temperatures, which means that the structure can be submerged under water immediately after application.

In case of damage to the coating, the damaged area can easily be restored as the overcoating time is unlimited.

For more information about the application process, you can find the application manuals under Downloads.


Technical documents, data sheets, specification sheets and much more information are all available on

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