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Humidur® as repair system on Vattenfall assets

The anti-corrosion coating Humidur is specified as repair system for the following wind turbine farms operated by Vattenfall: Thanet Offshore Wind Farm and Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm

The project started in the beginning of 2015 and will last for 4 years, with the option of being extended for an extra two years.

Humidur FP is the anti-corrosion coating system applied on the Vattenfall assets as maintenance repair system. It is a 2K polyamine cured modified epoxy coating and is pre-qualified in NORSOK M-501 system 7. It has following unique properties:

  • Long-term performance: Humidur has a proven track-record of more than 30 years
  • User friendly: Humidur can be applied in one layer straight to steel without the use of any primers. It can be sprayed to a thickness of more than 1000 µm. This makes Humidur the fastest and cheapest epoxy coating in terms of application. Humidur can be immersed in water directly after application without any damage to marine life, minimizing the down time of the structure.
  • Easy to repair: Humidur can be repaired by brush in one layer on minimal surface prep. The overcoating time is unlimited.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Humidur does not contain any solvents (100% solids), no VOC’s, no heavy metals, no isocyanates and no coal tar. Humidur is safe for the environment. This is confirmed by the department of ecology of the University of Ghent.

Humidur® as repair system on Vattenfall assets

Humidur® as repair system on Vattenfall assets

Humidur® as repair system on Vattenfall assets


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