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Humidur® applied on helideck Brent Alpha

On the helideck of the Brent Alpha oil rig, Humidur® was applied as anti-corrosion and non-skid coating. The original epoxy tiles suffered from undercutting corrosion. These spots were removed during surface preparation. After all the corrosion spots were removed and the surface was cleaned, the epoxy tiles were overcoated with Humidur®'s anti-corrosion coating.

As all the tiles did not have to be removed prior to coating application, a lot of time and money was saved during surface preparation. This is thanks to the unique properties of Humidur®: Humidur® is extremely surface tolerant and gives excellent adhesion values on minimally prepped surfaces. 

Client: Shell

Asset: Helideck Brent Alpha

Application date: October 2015

Humidur® applied on helideck Brent Alpha

Humidur® applied on helideck Brent Alpha


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